Storage Tips/FAQ

Simplify your storage experience by discarding or donating items that you will no longer need before storing.

Clothing should be clean and packed hanging in wardrobe boxes.  Wool items should be protected during storage with mothballs or cedar chips.

Books should be stored in small boxes, packed flat.  Keep weight to not more than 30 pounds.

A refrigerator or freezer should be cleaned and thoroughly dry and stored with its door ajar.  Use the space in appliances for storage.  Stoves and cooking equipment should always be clean.  Bags should be removed from vacuum.

Lawnmowers and power equipment
If storing items with engines, drain all gasoline and oil.

Mattresses and box springs
Plastic covers are available for protection of these items.  If not purchasing covers, store them in their fitted sheets to keep them clean.  Store them on the long edges, elevated off the floor.

Prohibited Items
The following can never be stored – live animals, perishables, liquids, explosives, flammable liquids and fuels, toxic materials, or any item to be deemed to be hazardous, dangerous, toxic or a pollutant under and federal, state, or local law, code, ordinance or regulation.

Label boxes
All boxes should be clearly marked on all sides and the top.  You may choose to number the boxes and keep a master list of all contents.  Color-coding can be used to determine placement when moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a long-term lease necessary?
No. Gardendale Self Storage offers month-to-month leases. If you do not give notice ten days prior to the end of the month, your lease will be automatically renewed for another month.

Is a security deposit required?
Yes. The security deposit to rent a storage unit at Gardendale Self Storage is $25. If you give the required ten days’ notice of your intention to vacate the unit and leave the unit clean, your $25 deposit will be refunded.

What payment options does Gardendale Self Storage offer?
For your convenience Gardendale Self Storage accepts the following methods of payment: VISA/Mastercard, Discover, Check, or Cash.

We also offer a convenient auto-pay option. By using Auto-Pay and allowing your storage rent to be charged on the first day of each month, you eliminate any late fees. Please call or stop by today to discuss setting up automatic payments.

Does Gardendale Self Storage provide insurance?
Insurance is not provided by your storage unit lease. You may provide coverage through your homeowners’ insurance. Additionally, Gardendale Self Storage offers a tenant insurance policy. Please call or stop by today to discuss purchasing this coverage.

At Gardendale Self Storage, we take protecting your valuable possessions seriously.

We adhere to the following security measures to maintain a secure atmosphere:

Keypad Access
At Gardendale Self Storage, each tenant has a unique access code. This code is used for entry and exit. Your entry and exit are recorded in our system. Never share your personal access code with anyone.

Cameras allow us to record activity at our facility to ensure the safety of our tenants, staff and guests.

Exterior fencing surrounds our facility.

Excellent Lighting
Our property is very well lit for your convenience and protection.